All humanly designed physical products, systems and processes are either a result of discrete iterative stages or a sudden surprising step. The former track is evolutionary ; the product.s structure and functionality can be tracked through the passage of time. Sometimes an innovative, refreshingly novel design is carried out . we say that the ingenious designer has advanced a revolutionary milestone. Generally a design moves through history via alternation through evolutionary and revolutionary phases. About naturally designed products, of which man is a biological example, nothing can be concluded for sure. Darwin.s followers would surely vote for evolution, but then it can be proven otherwise. May be Nature follows a third track, unknown to us. The physical world abounds in both good and bad designs. Of course, all are a consequence of genuine engineering. Sadly products that form a part of basic lifestyle and living are worst created. Neither is money invested, nor is talent retained and excited to improve these. Gentek commits truly world genuine design in all aspects of engineering.

“Therefore unattached ever Perform action that must be done;
For performing action without attachment Man attains the highest.”

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