Our current energy market is continuously changing. In the last three decades we’ve seen a decline in the cost of coal, nuclear generation on the rise and vast increases to the price of oil, all of which create further issues around climate change, sustainability and energy security. Gentek Consult is fully engaged in, and actively enhancing its capability for, all aspects of the developing energy market.

In electricity generation, we support both conventional and nuclear sectors to maintain output and extend the life of assets, and we’re engaged in planning and enabling the next generation of nuclear power stations. 

We have a long history supporting electricity transmission and distribution in the Turkey, providing design services and turnkey projects to upgrade and replace aging infrastructure.  We also provide new connections for ‘local’ generation schemes.

Carbon reduction is vitally important to the threat of climate change, and we play a leading role managing government programmes on behalf of the Carbon Trust.  We also provide consultancy services to the energy efficiency and renewable markets, ranging from school awareness programmes, to biomass & wind power developments.

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