Effective landscape design not only requires artistic creativity, but also the ability to blend the technical demands of the brief to the natural constraint of the location.

At Gentek Consult the expertise, experience and imaginative design of our landscape architects in Turkey, Africa and Middle East, allows us to make the best use of any public or private space from a country estate, through a town centre, to an urban wasteland:

Creating innovative, imaginative schemes that blend function, aesthetics and integrity of design, to achieve a practical balance between the long term health of our environment and the demands of modern day living 

Concentrating on sustainability and looking to the future so our designs will continue to work in terms of place, purpose and people in the years to come


Gentek Consult also has a specialist heritage team bringing together skills and experience across conservation, archaeology and development for projects involving historic townscapes and landscapes, historic buildings and archaeological sites:

Bringing a holistic, strategic understanding of the cultural significance of urban environments – selecting the best of the past to inform the future

Balancing heritage issues with community benefit, while maintaining sensitivity, flexibility and responsiveness to client needs.

Offering innovation, diversity and distinctiveness, ensuring the historic environment is harnessed to enrich new design

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