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Gentek Consult’ clients expect the very highest quality of service, and to achieve this we enter into partnership agreements whenever appropriate. In turn, we expect excellence from our supplier companies – many of whom also work with us in partnership.

We insist that our key suppliers demonstrate by their actions that they share our Corporate Responsibility values. To ensure that we work only with socially and environmentally responsible partners we therefore employ an effective:

  • procurement and supply chain policy
  • supply chain strategy
  • process for appointing suppliers

Our supply chain process (known as Quantum), is an industry-leading assessment and development tool for measuring our supply chain across a series of key areas. These include QSE, CR, Customer Focus and Business Strategy. We use Quantum to select, assess, develop, audit and manage all key suppliers.

If you would like Gentek Consult to consider your company as a supplier, please contact our Supply Chain Management division or complete the initial online supplier application form by clicking here

Become a supplier

Become a Suppliwe
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